Silent Whispers Chapter 1 (The True Definition Of Womanhood)


Sample 1 Chapter 1 of Silent Whispers (Subtitle: “Elegant Expressions Of Lyrical Bliss”)

We, are overwhelmed with the images that the medial tries to feed us on a regular basis. Some of us,  don’t look like the super models that grace our televisons and  because of that we hurt our temples by either overeating or not eating enough.  We,  all have fallen victim to the hype of this generation of plastic surgery, debt, eating disorders etc all in the name of being accepted by society.  When, will we learn how to love ourselves, and accept how our bodies look?

                   Ladies,  I’ve come to realization that if we are overweight that you should make up in your mind to accept your body, understanding that (especially if you’ve had children)  your  body represents sheer elegance, confidence, and beauty that should be adhored!  My sisters,  it’s time for us to retire the sweats and embrace the strapless! As you journey through the pages of my mind about defining the true definition of womanhood understand that it’s not based on if I fit into a size 2 nor is it based on how  much money I have in my bank account. It’s, based on how I view my own self worth as a woman(A Queen if you will) not letting go of my dreams, reaching them and taking this world by storm.

                          As, you read on be encouraged by the words I speak for I’ve learned how to use my being to edify and shape this world…………………….


Beautiful, sexy, ambitions dynamic

Strong to the touch

Willing, to stand against all odds

Wishing to have Janet’s abs

While longing for JLo’s black book

Standing, in the midst of her world wishing age would press re-wind

Not able to accept the truth

Vein to the fact that time has changed everything

Gone are the days of size 2’s for fitting into them would be a dream

Birthing children, having a career

Praying for the strength of 10,000 men

Never will we accept defeat for our faith helps you to stand

Yet, we stand in the mirror reflecting on the years that have passed us by

Working to strive for the “Perfect” image only to be let down

Scrapping our dignity off of the floor as another relationship bites the dust

Dusting off years of rejection

Admiring, the smiles while laughing at the circumstances

How Can I Go On?

Standing for our dreams while loving the skin we are in

Enjoying , long walks while relaxing around the fire

Wearing the sweetest of scents

Hearing the birds  sing our praises from beyond the window bay

Changing the lanes of our existence while going to the next level in our womanhood

Recovering from the true art of rejection

Tearing down the walls of silence through  the spoken word

Inspiration found on the subways of my mind

My surroundings say “No” Why Me?

Struggling to live check to check

Some surviving off of lovers of the night

Tired, making it  up the stairs to my success

Hoping always for the light at the end of the tunnel

Not allowing the road blocks to over take

Check my pulse!

Am, I still breathing?

Wishing i was in the middle of the ocean

Conversing with the fish as the Wales introduce me  to their clan

Dancing on the oceans blue

Resting on the shores taking in the crystal blue waters

Moving beyond space and time

Awakening to the sounds of the streets

Only to discover that my stop has arrived

Off of the bus I remove myself determined for my dreams not to die


African vibes from the motherland

Sending the sensations of compassion from beyond my mind

So often hearts become twisted, mended only by words left unspoken

Jesters of ambitions torn between my reality and fantasy

Traveling dangerous roads with feelings outward for nations to view

Bright eyed, willing to take on the world

Lipstick”Smakin” hips that rotate to the sounds from the motherland

Reaching, for your heart

Counting the cost of exposing my heart

The loneliness left without a trace

Embracing my love for the arts

Causing distractions in my reality

Crying for the chance to be seen

Longing for the chance to be seen

Heard, from beyond the four walls

Empowered by my creative edge.

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Maximum Overload: Surviving The Sub-Prime Lending Nightmare

Reality check! Devastation lingers across the land as families dreams of homeownership become a nightmare. Submerged with the cis pool of lies,  untruths, and deception are the livelihood of our hard-working, tax paying americans who deserve answers! How, can million dollar banks now all of a sudden go bankrupt or merge without  the effects being felt on main street? Month after month, we’ve seen our law-abiding caregivers, factory workers alike coming out of their pockets to cover the cost of  the lavish lifestyles of corporate america.

  Want proof just turn on CSPAN! Mothers, are having to make the ultimate choice between healthcare for a love one or making sure places that shall remain nameless have enough to pay what they owe their executives. Why, should fathers, have to leave their love ones in institutions to get medical treatments do solely to the fact that he’s robbing peter to pay paul just so he can survive off of basically peanuts.

Yet, to see the day or reckoning arrive when all of the top executives had to give account for their spending habits on capital hill trust me that made for good t.v. One, question stood out the most during those hearings to me.  Should,  executives be forced to return an 3 million dollar bonus? Yet, I pose this question in return if that was the case then who would benefit from that money being returned? Well we saw the outcome with all of the major bail outs…The banks got the life line while we as the citizens eat the losses……(copyright @ 2011) 

Mothers Of Poetry

Women,  are the back bone of society and bring integrity, wisdom, and triumph into the world of poetry. However, the struggle for equality still rages on but the stereotypes of yester year which call for our silence and disappearance all together.

             As a result,  of this hinderance(which also includes lack of funding & distributions of our projects) we’ve aborted our poetic children feeling alone and abandoned by those creative fathers who’ve decided that advancing economically out weigh character which turns the world of creativity into a “Boys Club field. Newsflash, many of us have traded in our aprons and come out of the bedrooms grabbing our pens, & pads(film cameras too) determined to break the glass ceiling.(To Be Continued)

What Does Writing Mean To Me?

To, escape the madness I used writing as a way to erase the only living in Chicago could bring.  What, does writing mean to me? It, gives me the determination to become self-sufficient by using my craft as a way to uproot myself out of the impoverished community I live in. Through writing, a platform has been created so that  I’m able to expose my inner most feelings from an emotional and spiritual level. 

                    Self expression, through writing exposes the very core of who I am as a woman while erasing the stereotypes placed on me by society. I’m viewed by society as being worthless, because I haven’t advanced in either my educational or financial careers. creatively through writing, I’m given the poetic licenses to share my ideals of the state of the world around me. Although, I’ve tapped into my creative calling at a very young age(I, started writing script and screenplays, at the tender age of 13) its forever evolving.  

                       My golden pen and pad has literally save my life. Writing poetry, gives me the courage to stand against adversity while carrying the torch of freedom passed down to me by my ancestors who’ve paved the way within their quest for equality.  Through my creative platform I’m able to break free from all of the insecurities that have tried to hinder my progression within this artistic field.  I’ve, been inspired by the pioneers of today which include Maya, Terry, and Alice who through their works have encouraged me to dream bigger. I’ve, embraced my creative connection joined by my mother and grandmother who’ve rested their dreams of being famous published authors on my heart so that I could go forward within my called as a Poetess….(To Be Continued)