Maximum Overload: Surviving The Sub-Prime Lending Nightmare

Reality check! Devastation lingers across the land as families dreams of homeownership become a nightmare. Submerged with the cis pool of lies,  untruths, and deception are the livelihood of our hard-working, tax paying americans who deserve answers! How, can million dollar banks now all of a sudden go bankrupt or merge without  the effects being felt on main street? Month after month, we’ve seen our law-abiding caregivers, factory workers alike coming out of their pockets to cover the cost of  the lavish lifestyles of corporate america.

  Want proof just turn on CSPAN! Mothers, are having to make the ultimate choice between healthcare for a love one or making sure places that shall remain nameless have enough to pay what they owe their executives. Why, should fathers, have to leave their love ones in institutions to get medical treatments do solely to the fact that he’s robbing peter to pay paul just so he can survive off of basically peanuts.

Yet, to see the day or reckoning arrive when all of the top executives had to give account for their spending habits on capital hill trust me that made for good t.v. One, question stood out the most during those hearings to me.  Should,  executives be forced to return an 3 million dollar bonus? Yet, I pose this question in return if that was the case then who would benefit from that money being returned? Well we saw the outcome with all of the major bail outs…The banks got the life line while we as the citizens eat the losses……(copyright @ 2011) 


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