Sunday School Teaching

BACKGROUND- Jonah was the chief  character of the book which bears his name..The story of Jonah is one of the most familiar of the old testament Jonah a prophet of called to deliver a message of repentance of Nineveh the capital city of the Assyrians. Since Nineveh was already in the process of destroying the Jews.  Jonah, sought to avoid discharging his commission and boarding a ship bound for Tarshish.

He, was  cast overboard by the sailors in the midst of the storm and swallowed by a great sea monster which the Lord had provided for this purpose…

After being released from the fish Jonah preached his message to Nineveh and was able to bring about their repentance. Because of his hostility toward this Gentile nation, Jonah begin to brood. God by the lesson showed Jonah that he was concerned for other nations beside Israel….


1. Have I ever felt reluctant to share my faith with someone?

Answer: Yes,  when it came to my best friend danielle we started out running the streets together and after being married we ran across one another and found out that our husbands knew one another from their high school years.  So, there I was coming back to her as a different person and remember walking down the hall to her room of the hospital she stayed in. As I arrived on her floor I tried everything that time to stop my feet from going in yet it wasn’t time for me to back down. So there we stood looking at each other and just by embracing one another God’s will was being done. This meeting wasn’t like a “fire and brimstone moment it was more as if God’s love was evident in just a mere embrace. That time also was the time to pray for her and as I placed my hands on her belly I was able to feel the baby move as I prayed for her and her family….Little did I know but months later after that visit we had she passed away from an asthma attack…..

I asked myself if I had done enough……………..Yes, anything else would’ve taken away from HIM..


Mighty Men Of Valour

Fathers, are the backbone of our society. Some struggle daily just to keep their families above water. Any man can make babies but it takes a”FATHER” that’s willing to stand up and take on the responsibilities that come along with  having a family. We, ignore the fathers that (come on ladies and help me out) don’t have Sean Combs income. Then we cry and complain about how there aren’t any good men out there anymore…

I, want every woman that reads this to join with me and giving a round of applause for the  garbage worker fathers,  the bus driver fathers,  and deacon fathers…They are the best! It’s time for us to stand up with them in support of all that they do. Many times we take for granted their contribution to the nuclear’s time for us to stand with them in the midst of their storms and struggles in life forgetting about our own selfish needs  and stand with them as they are trying to advance the kingdom of God…

God’s love for us ladies comes in all forms and in the strangest of packages….They, many not have Creflo on speed dial or rub elbows with Canton Jones but hey they most vital part of society being a father to all and placing their dreams on the shelves…


My Ghetto America

Address us with respect

We didn’t ask to be here

Birthed against our will

Silent are our childrens screams in the night

As another bullet is lodged in the minds of all that can breathe

CEDA, being home to many of us who struggle for answers

Longing to invest in futures you say “Don’t Exist”

3 am a mother hides her face as the tears  fall

For gun shots ring out in her hood

When will the violence end?

We are stepping on cracked pavements, surrounded by vacant buildings

Sending letters to officials that won’t answer

Clergy who put dollar signs before congregational needs

We are traveling two hours to work in your stores and homes

Only to pray that our children of the night make it home safely

You toss us peanuts as we travel  two more hours home on PACE

Only to do this all over again

We are the mothers of silent children who can’t say “I love you”

For 3 years we’ve waited for our children to say “Mommy I Love You,”

Only for doctors to provide no answers

Reducing our flourishing families to one income

Limited income

For treatments are due

As the rain falls………..

For we are the silent ones

The nourishing ones

Calming the storms of life

Through song………..copyright2007@silentwhispers

(Part 2) Breaking The Glass Ceiling Within A Boys Club Field

Also, those  women received 86 cents for every dollar earned by white male feature film writers. (Reference: Article “A Thirty-One Year Struggle For Fairness and Inclusion In The American Dream,”Open Letter To The Entertainment Community: Author Rev. Jessie Jackson on March 18, 1996)

                  ( SUBTITLE B: It’s A Man’s World) There, were actually women who contributed to the film industry but were not recognized or given credit for their work. For example,  in the year of 1919 UNIQUE film company presentation entitled “SHADOW BY THE DEVIL”  which was reviewed in HALF-CENTURY magazine the reviewer never printed the screenwriters name only that she was of African decent. However,  it wasn’t until the author Henry T. Sampson gave credit to who  really wrote the movie her name was Mrs. M.M. Webb. My second example was of a fellow film contributor who they fail to mention by name was a screen writer employed by the most prominent African American film companies within the early 1900’s. The Lincoln Motion Picture Company. She, provided stories for  some of their features such as: “A Trooper Of Company K (Reference: Article “Kickin Down The Doors,” written by Walker Thomas on August 26, 2005).

                Over the years,  men have dominated every aspect of our society. In many cases men are threatened by a woman who’s in an authoritative position. Some will either quit the job(if the woman is their boss) or, just remove  themselves from the situation totally so that his ego isn’t damaged. As, with producing and directing within the motion picture industry it’s now been reconstructed so that there are now unions as well as guilds( “The Boys Club”) that are mainly run by caucasian male directors who are trying to control the industry by preventing our voices to be heard. They, are preventing the African-American female perspective from coming through on the big screen…..(To Be Continued)

Breaking The Glass Ceiling Within A “Boys Club Field”

Breaking The Glass Ceiling Within A “Boys Club Field”

Sub Title:  Men Vs. Women  For The Directors Chair



Articles: 1. African-American Women In Theatre,  Film & TV Before 1970 author: Nicole Bramletta

               2. “A Thirty-One Year Struggle For Fairness and Inclusion In The American Dream”/ an open letter to the Entertainment Community author: Rev. Jessie Jackson March 18, 1996

            3. “Film Fatales, “Independent film directors authors: Judith M. Reddings and Victoria A Brownworth Seattle: Seal Press 1997

             4.  “Kickin Down The Doors” Author : Walker Smith August 26, 2005

             5. Sisters In Cinema-Filmmakers/ author Yvonne Welbon

Term paper begins:

Over the several sessions of our class we’ve dealt with te roles that both men and women play within society today. Through this particular term paper I want to explore this double standard within the world of producing and directing of films. Personally, this project hits home  for me because I want to develop a promising career within this field.

This term paper, will also focus on the following outline I. IN THE BEGINNING GOD MADE MAN(SUBTITLE: A No women allowed within the directors chair B: It’s a mans world. II THE “FEMALE” FACTOR (SUBTITLE:  A: Our input/contribution within the  film industry)(SUBTITLE B: The declaration of Our Independence:)III. THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF THIS MALE/FEMALE WAR OF FILM UPON SOCIETY (SUBTITLE A: Negative images introducing negative messages), (SUBTITLE B: The long journey ahead) The last portion of my research will consist of a conclusion that’ll include my personal views as I conducted the research.

                  IN THE   BEGINING GOD MADE MAN (SUBTITLE A: No women allowed within the directors chair) When it comes to the world of producing and directing and who represents the African-American voice within our society today you automatically think of two names Spike Lee(Jungle Fever, Mo Betta-Blues, Malcolm X, and School daze,  or John Singleton (Boyz-N-The Hood, Shaft and Four Brothers, Hustle and Flow). They dominate the world of film giving their personal views on politics, and relationships freely without any regrets or apologies.

                       We, as the African-American population are funding their lavish life styles with every movie ticket, and home video we purchase. But while they are taking their bows at the BET awards our voices (as the African-American female) are being ignored. We, make up 25% of the movie-going public and we also make up 19% of the Home Box Office viewers.  In 1993, a study was commissioned by the Writers Guild of America were it was discovered that 70% of television script writers were  white males and 80% of featured film writers were also white males……………….(ToBe Continued)

Chapter 2 “The Romantic Zone” (Silent Whispers The Book)

Book Cover

Chapter 2 Sample: “The Romantic Zone” (Silent Whispers The Book)


Ladies, God with me on this one….Love, is such a beautiful thing!

Taking long walks together,  finishing each other sentences, sitting back on a warm summer afternoon thinking back to when the two of you first met. Going through old pictures shedding tears because of the memories.

When he’s at work, and your missing him so much that you start wearing his jeans and  t’s just to imagine he is right there with you. Candle light dinners, romantic jesters of love such as flowers just because.  The sexiest thing is watching him interact with his children giving you the chance to a beauty day at home.  This chapter, is dedicated to the couples  who understand that true love comes from time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…………..


You, are the air I breathe

Everything about me represents you

When you breathe I inhale your existence

From the start our hearts joined from our mothers womb

Wish our bond would’ve started long ago

Still motivated by your stand

For your strength empowers me through the storm

Hard times ahead of us

But our faith will help us to endure

Thank you for standing in my favor

For you are back bone of my existence


As, I sit here gazing at the sunset

I dream of you in my arms

Holding the very core of  my being with your hand

Caressing my souls delight

Looking deep into my wounded soul

Missing calls, made by the melodies of your songs

As the cares of this life take focus

Who are they to judge?

Our existence envied by all

Cherished are the moments spent within your arms

Are, we connected by chance or reason?

When it comes to true love who can define its  origin?

Our connection is one that’ll stand against all odds….