Breaking The Glass Ceiling Within A “Boys Club Field”

Breaking The Glass Ceiling Within A “Boys Club Field”

Sub Title:  Men Vs. Women  For The Directors Chair



Articles: 1. African-American Women In Theatre,  Film & TV Before 1970 author: Nicole Bramletta

               2. “A Thirty-One Year Struggle For Fairness and Inclusion In The American Dream”/ an open letter to the Entertainment Community author: Rev. Jessie Jackson March 18, 1996

            3. “Film Fatales, “Independent film directors authors: Judith M. Reddings and Victoria A Brownworth Seattle: Seal Press 1997

             4.  “Kickin Down The Doors” Author : Walker Smith August 26, 2005

             5. Sisters In Cinema-Filmmakers/ author Yvonne Welbon

Term paper begins:

Over the several sessions of our class we’ve dealt with te roles that both men and women play within society today. Through this particular term paper I want to explore this double standard within the world of producing and directing of films. Personally, this project hits home  for me because I want to develop a promising career within this field.

This term paper, will also focus on the following outline I. IN THE BEGINNING GOD MADE MAN(SUBTITLE: A No women allowed within the directors chair B: It’s a mans world. II THE “FEMALE” FACTOR (SUBTITLE:  A: Our input/contribution within the  film industry)(SUBTITLE B: The declaration of Our Independence:)III. THE NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF THIS MALE/FEMALE WAR OF FILM UPON SOCIETY (SUBTITLE A: Negative images introducing negative messages), (SUBTITLE B: The long journey ahead) The last portion of my research will consist of a conclusion that’ll include my personal views as I conducted the research.

                  IN THE   BEGINING GOD MADE MAN (SUBTITLE A: No women allowed within the directors chair) When it comes to the world of producing and directing and who represents the African-American voice within our society today you automatically think of two names Spike Lee(Jungle Fever, Mo Betta-Blues, Malcolm X, and School daze,  or John Singleton (Boyz-N-The Hood, Shaft and Four Brothers, Hustle and Flow). They dominate the world of film giving their personal views on politics, and relationships freely without any regrets or apologies.

                       We, as the African-American population are funding their lavish life styles with every movie ticket, and home video we purchase. But while they are taking their bows at the BET awards our voices (as the African-American female) are being ignored. We, make up 25% of the movie-going public and we also make up 19% of the Home Box Office viewers.  In 1993, a study was commissioned by the Writers Guild of America were it was discovered that 70% of television script writers were  white males and 80% of featured film writers were also white males……………….(ToBe Continued)


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