(Part 2) Breaking The Glass Ceiling Within A Boys Club Field

Also, those  women received 86 cents for every dollar earned by white male feature film writers. (Reference: Article “A Thirty-One Year Struggle For Fairness and Inclusion In The American Dream,”Open Letter To The Entertainment Community: Author Rev. Jessie Jackson on March 18, 1996)

                  ( SUBTITLE B: It’s A Man’s World) There, were actually women who contributed to the film industry but were not recognized or given credit for their work. For example,  in the year of 1919 UNIQUE film company presentation entitled “SHADOW BY THE DEVIL”  which was reviewed in HALF-CENTURY magazine the reviewer never printed the screenwriters name only that she was of African decent. However,  it wasn’t until the author Henry T. Sampson gave credit to who  really wrote the movie her name was Mrs. M.M. Webb. My second example was of a fellow film contributor who they fail to mention by name was a screen writer employed by the most prominent African American film companies within the early 1900’s. The Lincoln Motion Picture Company. She, provided stories for  some of their features such as: “A Trooper Of Company K (Reference: Article “Kickin Down The Doors,” written by Walker Thomas on August 26, 2005).

                Over the years,  men have dominated every aspect of our society. In many cases men are threatened by a woman who’s in an authoritative position. Some will either quit the job(if the woman is their boss) or, just remove  themselves from the situation totally so that his ego isn’t damaged. As, with producing and directing within the motion picture industry it’s now been reconstructed so that there are now unions as well as guilds( “The Boys Club”) that are mainly run by caucasian male directors who are trying to control the industry by preventing our voices to be heard. They, are preventing the African-American female perspective from coming through on the big screen…..(To Be Continued)


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