My Ghetto America

Address us with respect

We didn’t ask to be here

Birthed against our will

Silent are our childrens screams in the night

As another bullet is lodged in the minds of all that can breathe

CEDA, being home to many of us who struggle for answers

Longing to invest in futures you say “Don’t Exist”

3 am a mother hides her face as the tears  fall

For gun shots ring out in her hood

When will the violence end?

We are stepping on cracked pavements, surrounded by vacant buildings

Sending letters to officials that won’t answer

Clergy who put dollar signs before congregational needs

We are traveling two hours to work in your stores and homes

Only to pray that our children of the night make it home safely

You toss us peanuts as we travel  two more hours home on PACE

Only to do this all over again

We are the mothers of silent children who can’t say “I love you”

For 3 years we’ve waited for our children to say “Mommy I Love You,”

Only for doctors to provide no answers

Reducing our flourishing families to one income

Limited income

For treatments are due

As the rain falls………..

For we are the silent ones

The nourishing ones

Calming the storms of life

Through song………..copyright2007@silentwhispers


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