Mighty Men Of Valour

Fathers, are the backbone of our society. Some struggle daily just to keep their families above water. Any man can make babies but it takes a”FATHER” that’s willing to stand up and take on the responsibilities that come along with  having a family. We, ignore the fathers that (come on ladies and help me out) don’t have Sean Combs income. Then we cry and complain about how there aren’t any good men out there anymore…

I, want every woman that reads this to join with me and giving a round of applause for the  garbage worker fathers,  the bus driver fathers,  and deacon fathers…They are the best! It’s time for us to stand up with them in support of all that they do. Many times we take for granted their contribution to the nuclear family..it’s time for us to stand with them in the midst of their storms and struggles in life forgetting about our own selfish needs  and stand with them as they are trying to advance the kingdom of God…

God’s love for us ladies comes in all forms and in the strangest of packages….They, many not have Creflo on speed dial or rub elbows with Canton Jones but hey they most vital part of society being a father to all and placing their dreams on the shelves…


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