Sunday School Teaching

BACKGROUND- Jonah was the chief  character of the book which bears his name..The story of Jonah is one of the most familiar of the old testament Jonah a prophet of called to deliver a message of repentance of Nineveh the capital city of the Assyrians. Since Nineveh was already in the process of destroying the Jews.  Jonah, sought to avoid discharging his commission and boarding a ship bound for Tarshish.

He, was  cast overboard by the sailors in the midst of the storm and swallowed by a great sea monster which the Lord had provided for this purpose…

After being released from the fish Jonah preached his message to Nineveh and was able to bring about their repentance. Because of his hostility toward this Gentile nation, Jonah begin to brood. God by the lesson showed Jonah that he was concerned for other nations beside Israel….


1. Have I ever felt reluctant to share my faith with someone?

Answer: Yes,  when it came to my best friend danielle we started out running the streets together and after being married we ran across one another and found out that our husbands knew one another from their high school years.  So, there I was coming back to her as a different person and remember walking down the hall to her room of the hospital she stayed in. As I arrived on her floor I tried everything that time to stop my feet from going in yet it wasn’t time for me to back down. So there we stood looking at each other and just by embracing one another God’s will was being done. This meeting wasn’t like a “fire and brimstone moment it was more as if God’s love was evident in just a mere embrace. That time also was the time to pray for her and as I placed my hands on her belly I was able to feel the baby move as I prayed for her and her family….Little did I know but months later after that visit we had she passed away from an asthma attack…..

I asked myself if I had done enough……………..Yes, anything else would’ve taken away from HIM..


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