Support My Creative Madness: Doritos Commerical Contest Entry

Meet The Crashes vote to have them brought to the big screen!

I, know it’s been a while since I’ve written to you guys and for that I am truly sorry…Yet, I’ve been away trying to discover who I am and what my calling is from the Lord….Yes, I’ve had my share of battles that I’ve had to over come but some good news too. I, know what your thinking what does doritos have to do with anything….We’ll, I’m glad that you’ve asked the question. I’ve stepped out trying new things and discovered that Doritos has a contest by the name of Crash The Super Bowl which is sponsored by Fritolay…I am looking for support from you guys in just viewing the commerical I entered called “Catch The Flavor” Meet The Crashes………….This, is a midwestern fun loving bunch who just loves life and wants to share that love with the masses…They are a stunt doubling group by day and at night they crash weddings, reunions, and babyshowers bringing their joy and sharing their favorite brand of Doritos..How do you catch the true flavor of love>>>>>>>>>>>>Family!

I am asking a big favor(620 views as of right now) if you guys could take a look and just view it giving support again to my creative madness.This, is my first time ever doing something like this so your support is granted. Here is how you get to the website…..

1. go to Crash The Super

2. Skip 2 page with music
3. 3rd page shows deadline you push gallery
4. Type in Chitownblu2011 and watch……..

I want to bring this to the big screen so tell everyone about it!!!! peace