Hey, you guys it’s your girl here stepping out of the creative lab to let you know about something I saw online and thought it might help you guys on your journey through life…or not…But, hey it was fun creating this list any way…See, Steve Harvey has been going around promoting being an 80’s child! Of, course I’m truly an advocate for the decade and wanting to some how find a way to expand on that era in time! So, for a while I thought it would be cool to go back and make a list of some of the things i remember about that decade! Let’s, see if somethings ring a bell or not..Let, the flash back begin..

Here, are my top 5 contenders when it comes to artistic expression..


  1. Janet Jackson-Globally she’s has reached goals that can only be achieved by hard work and dedication. She, appeared on Video Soul once when she was doing her RN tour. This famous 80’s Quote connected to me on so many levels”You, can’t just sit back and wait for your dreams to happen, you’ve got to go out and make them happen,” I, was about 16 when she came to Illinois on her RN tour and that was the first time I saw her perform live! I, remember getting the black and silver keepsake with poster….


  1. FAME-I, enjoyed the vintage version of this program where a feisty and youthful Debbie Allen said the following “You, want fame we’ll fame costs and right here is where your going to start paying in sweat,” This, program depicts struggling kids with regular issues who come together to showcase their gifts and talents despite fighting with their own personal storms in life. For, two hours that show gave you some hope that no matter what your situation is if you have a dream you can make that happen with hard work, dedication and drive…

2. RAGS TO RICHES-This, was the first time I was introduced to Tisha Martin and actually enjoyed the portion of programming that included both performing with dialogue. It, gave the true balance of drama and musical with a theme.That, program aired weekly on NBC! Between the costumes, hair and subject matter I was hooked….

3. THE COSBY SHOW-Despite, the current issues with Mr. Cosby…We, can’t forget the legacy and history of programming during the 80’s…My, all time favorite character of the show was Denise (Played, by Lisa Bonet) who took the prep look to a new level! From, her hair to her make-up (to having Blair Underwood on her arm) she made it cool to be eclectic….



  1. BREAK N 2-I, remember being with my mother on 63rd and Halsted and traveling with her to the movies determined that once it was over I was going to get her to buy me a spike bracelet to mark my transition into the realm of being a teenager…I, enjoyed the dance moves but had to hide my face at the kissing scenes..This, project spoke to the same subject matter as Vintage Fame…This, was about inner city kids seeing an issue within their communities and using creative expression through the arts to make a difference..

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