POETRY N MOTION_001Silent Whispers Elegant Expressions of Lyrical Bliss

Poetic Vibes

Chapter 8

As, the dawning of a new day arrives..I, find inspiration  for my writing in many forms… it, can be walking with my kids down the lake front or shopping with the girls at the mall. Taking, a trip to the Dusable Museum with my mom. While, this  may sound really beautiful and picturesque. I, must admit that some of my greatest creativity has come out of places of deep hurt and pain, disappointments, set backs, heart-ache, misunderstandings and loss have all been sources of inspiration for my writing.


Bringing my self to see the truth

Our paths crossing once again

Our eyes locked hoping for release

Give me a sign that it’s clear

Hoping, to remember who you are

Did, you ever support me?

Your path leading nowhere

Angrily, I count the moments alone

Chasing dreams, while covering up the sorrow

You speak and others taken notice

Afraid,  of giving into you

For, my heart is in your hands

Protecting, my mind from confusion

Focused, On the rejection

You stand at the door

With your arms extended

Encouraging me to stand for my gift

Talents hidden, only you know the truth

My pen and pad, understanding and comforting

Self-expression release

My creative edge will live on


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