Chapter 2 “The Romantic Zone” (Silent Whispers The Book)

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Chapter 2 Sample: “The Romantic Zone” (Silent Whispers The Book)


Ladies, God with me on this one….Love, is such a beautiful thing!

Taking long walks together,  finishing each other sentences, sitting back on a warm summer afternoon thinking back to when the two of you first met. Going through old pictures shedding tears because of the memories.

When he’s at work, and your missing him so much that you start wearing his jeans and  t’s just to imagine he is right there with you. Candle light dinners, romantic jesters of love such as flowers just because.  The sexiest thing is watching him interact with his children giving you the chance to a beauty day at home.  This chapter, is dedicated to the couples  who understand that true love comes from time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride…………..


You, are the air I breathe

Everything about me represents you

When you breathe I inhale your existence

From the start our hearts joined from our mothers womb

Wish our bond would’ve started long ago

Still motivated by your stand

For your strength empowers me through the storm

Hard times ahead of us

But our faith will help us to endure

Thank you for standing in my favor

For you are back bone of my existence


As, I sit here gazing at the sunset

I dream of you in my arms

Holding the very core of  my being with your hand

Caressing my souls delight

Looking deep into my wounded soul

Missing calls, made by the melodies of your songs

As the cares of this life take focus

Who are they to judge?

Our existence envied by all

Cherished are the moments spent within your arms

Are, we connected by chance or reason?

When it comes to true love who can define its  origin?

Our connection is one that’ll stand against all odds….