Hello, everyone it’s about 12:39am Thursday and I’m here!

It’s, a new year! 2016 I know is going to be a blast! I, have some poetry that I’m, going to post and I hope that you guys enjoy it!

Silent Whispers "Elegant Expressions Of Lyrical Bliss"

Book Cover

To, the women who read this dissertation on life

I, bid you greetings from the motherland

Truth, be told the whispers of the inner city streets of the hood guides my hands

With tears, I grieve with Baltimore

A, never ending  chapter of injustice brought on by fear

We, are the solitude of courageous ones

Built,  for such a time as this

To, grieve for our nations like this

We, dominate with truth

We, are the Queens of the Nile

Mother, earth sheroes of the struggle

Underground railroad troopers

Generations, of kingdoms rest in the very core

of our wombs

Yet, we are still silent


Colors, separate us

Messages, of hate cause

Charlston mourners of sorrow to bow

in agony for their lost doves

We, are united in realms left unguided

Misfits, of battles of segregation

Won, with mere words

“We, Shall Over Come,”


“Still, I Rise,”


No, weapon formed


‘”Yes, We Can,”

We, feed  our youth with ancestral stories

Mended, with in slaved fill   dreams

We, built nations with prayers

As, the sorrows of Israeli  journeys

Create, mountain top experiences of divine


Let, us not forget the bond

Between. the soul and spirit of men

Bonded, by faith

When, will we listen?@2016queessencepublishing