Silent Whispers Movement: Chapter 6 The Poetic Chronicles


INTRO: We, are creative beings, using our skills and talents to make change. Self-expression, is a gift that should never be taken lightly..Creativity, is freedom.


Hanging onto  the true definition of beauty

Make-up, shoes, accessories all in place

In, the pure nature of promoting  success

The fragrances of sweet nectar, inhaled by passers by

Admiring, the fashion scene

Breeding, fashion clones

Exhibiting, the hottest trends for the season

Keeping up, the pace by way of magazines

Seeing the hottest celebrities in fashions your budget screams for

Upgrading,  my styles, coincide with the world around

Taking, to the stores, finding the bargains

Uplifting, my self-esteem

Designing my mind for greatness


Stepping out for the first time

On the verge of no return

Will, my words be heard?

Or my existence overshadowed?

Willing, to put everything on the line

Showcasing, something I’ve worked so hard for

Chuckling at the very thought of success

Knowing,  my words will change lives

Having a heart while embracing the truth

Still, willing to fight despite the outcome

Coming forward out of the shows of the deep despairing existence

Cast out, from beyond social status

Trusting,  my feelings, hopes and dreams unto the unknown

Changing, my being to fit the mold

“Self, expression is universal”


Spanish, perfection alive

Running from the person within

Loving who I am

Despite the outcome

Holding  on to what I have

My character, self worth and assurance

No doubting  my skills, for my words speak wonders

Causing, others to doubt their own existence

Butterfly, blues

Reaching, for expanded hopes and dreams

Posted, on the hearts of the masses

Combined with strength and mercy

I, am free


Chicago Gospel Poetry

Chicago Gospel Poetry

This is the coolest thing in the world to have my very own segment in the realm of cyberspace. Those that are looking for inspiration, and diversity amoung the artistic world then come visit the poetry n motion movement!

New Gig: Chicago Poetry breakthrough-chicago-round-2

Hey wordpress family! I know it’s been decades since the last time I posted anything! I’ve, got so much to share with you guys! I, just landed a gig with the Examiner! Yes, you are looking at the official “CHICAGO POETRY EXAMINER! I, am in such an awesome mood right now! This, has been since the tender age of 13 I’ve always wanted to break into this industry! No matter what you face in this life time you’ve got to always follow your dreams and goals in life! I, am in search of course of the newest and innovate poets around the Chicago land area! The coolest thing about this is that I get to  do this with my faith in tacked and everyone basically knowing what I am all about from beginning to end. So, when you submit to me understand that it has to be faith based…I, am calling for all of the youth pastors, and congregations to nominate your young person to be featured so that we can show the world that there is more to the creative community then just the typical sterotypes that we’ve adapted to……Key point, if momma and granny can’t read, see it and enjoy it I refuse to post it! period.. What a way to start a summer!

Coming Soon: Newsletter For Contest


Just wanted to give you guys a heads up about something that I’ll be blogging about in the near future…I will be submitting my newsletter pertaining to the contest so be looking out for that shortly. At, least I get to practice my writing and creative skills on this one…….Oh, had I won I had found the neatest song…(YOU CAN RISE) by Sunday Best Alum Gospel Artist Shari Addison!

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