We’ll, it’s Official our Spike Lee controversy has struck again…Only, this time the negative feedback has spread to the Mid-West and by the looks of his facebook the responses have come with blood shed. As, you know that’s typical Spike Lee as to getting people to speak and talk about his work and hey bad feedback is better then no feedback at all. That, is truly the reason for doing the work to get a reaction from the general public. Truth, you really don’t know how your work is going to be received until you basically step out of the boat! Out, of it all he’s still going to go and cash a check or two especially at the box office and DvD sales so hey he’s work is truly done….Or is it?

My, response to the Chicagoans who are against the project there are so many student film makers out there who need the support and who are putting their proposals on the internet. Case, in point Go Fund They, have plenty of projects that need our attention and who can only move to the box office if the general public puts their money where their mouths are. We, are a 1.1 trillion dollar consumer population. We, gain power when we work and have the money to invest in ourselves as a people. There, is another website that houses a film section as well called which is where the concepts are the same select a project to invest in and support the project by investing your money and get a perk in between….That, is the power that we all have to tell Hollywood what we want to see at the box office.

It’s, really hard to help Chicagoans feel as if you have portrayed them in a proper light when all is breaking loose around them..To, stop the bleeding I hope that I can offer a better alternative to the current state that plagues the facebook airways today. Everybody, knows that the Jackson dynasty started in the MId-west…Now, it’s our time to say thank you! How, I want to pay it forward is having the inner city youth that make up the South Shore drill team to sign on board(based on age req and auditions) to this project. When, MJ passed there was never a response from the Mid-west at all. No, one ever said “We”ll this is what his creative legacy has ment to me….Until, now! “His Voice, His Movement is a coming of age story which follows the life and times of grassroots starlet named Crystal Johnson who through the inspiration of MJ and her love for the arts deems Chicago as the “Mecca” of true creative expression… She, uses her humanitarian freedoms to beat the odds!

Now, the fundraiser is housed on and you can donate to the film and it’s organized by way of the DARE II DREAM meter! As, you go up the contribution ladder the perks will increase as well! From, a simple social media shout out to passes to the premier screening and party held in Chicago the perks are endless!HVHMMOVIE16

We, need to send the message to Hollywood that we are a 1.1 trillion dollar consumer population…With our dollars! Let, us all speak!

Please, support “His, Voice His Movement,”ACT NOW! Click This Link Deadline, 12/23/15


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